WNS Oil Gas Boiler

Relying on boiler R&D and manufacturing experience, Yongxing has produced advanced WNS light oil and gas boilers.
Except for our conventional three-pass WNS boiler, now most popular one is the one-piece condensing boiler. Its most significant advantage is the condenser on the surface. The condenser’s use reduces the boiler’s exhaust gas temperature to 60-80℃. It absorbs part of the heat energy in the flue gas, which dramatically improves the boiler’s thermal efficiency, reaching more than 100.9%.
Simultaneously, due to energy recovery, the emission of harmful gases is significantly reduced, and environmental pollution is reduced.

  • The boiler capacity: 0.5-20T/0.35-14MW, efficiency: ≥95%~100.05%
  • Applicable fuel: natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, gas, etc
  • Application: central heating, hotel heating, industrial chemistry, medicine, food processing, etc
  • WNS gas oil fired steam boiler

WNS horizontal fuel gas steam boiler is a back-type fuel/gas three-pass boiler.

The first return: The fuel is burned through the burner to form a torch, which is filled inside the wave-shaped furnace and transmits radiant heat energy through the furnace wall.

Second return: The high-temperature flue gas produced by combustion converges in the re-combustion chamber and enters the threaded smoke tube bundle area, that is, the second return zone, where convective heat exchange occurs, and the flue gas temperature gradually decreases before entering the front smoke box.

The third return: the flue gas enters the third return journey from the front smokebox, that is, the light pipe bundle area, and then enters the economizer and condenser installed on the furnace top.

All the flue gas passes through the chimney and is discharged into the atmosphere.

Design Features

1. The design of a large furnace and threaded smoke tube increases the heat absorption of the stove and reduces energy consumption.

2. The horizontal full wet back structure and integrated design reduce the area occupied.

3. Reasonable design of heating surface structure reduces and controls flue gas resistance.

4. The condensing waste heat recovery device can repeatedly absorb the flue and gas discharged from the boiler, which improves the energy utilization rate.

5. Built-in various protection devices, such as over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage, etc., to ensure the boiler’s safety and reliability.

6. The operation adopts threaded smoke pipe and corrugated furnace, which enhances the heat transfer effect and saves fuel.

7. Equipped with an explosion-proof door, which automatically rebounds after pressure relief to ensure the boiler’s safety.

8. The LCD screen displays the working conditions, which is convenient to grasp the boiler’s operating status and the system.

9. Complete protection functions to ensure the boiler’s safe and efficient operation.

10. Multiple boilers can be used in the network, your control system can automatically select the number of running units, and each boiler load can be allocated.

WNS Oil Gas Steam Boiler

Model Rated steam output Rated pressure Rated steam temperature Boiler efficiency Boiler efficiency max weight max size for shipping
T/h) Mpa (℃) % KG MM
WNS0.5-0.7-YQ 0.5 0.7 171 100.9 Natural Gas, Light oil, Diesel, Heavy Oil 3200 2900X1400X1500
WNS1-1.25-YQ 1 1.25 194 4800 3200x1800x2000
WNS2-1.25-YQ 2 1.25 194 7200 3800x1900x2200
WNS3-1.25-YQ 3 1.25 194 10000 4100x2000x2400
WNS4-1.25-YQ 4 1.25 194 12400 4400x2300x2600
WNS6-1.25-YQ 6 1.25 194 16000 5300x2400x2700
WNS8-1.25-YQ 8 1.25 194 21500 6800x2600x3000
WNS10-1.25-YQ 10 1.25 194 26000 6300x2700x3200
WNS12-1.25-YQ 12 1.25 194 31000 6700x2700x3200
WNS15-1.25-YQ 15 1.25 194 40000 8700x3700x3500
WNS20-1.25-YQ 20 1.25 194 48600 8050x3750x3950

Superior WNS Oil Gas Steam Boiler For Different Industry

Yongxing steam boiler in the food factory is mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, curing, cooking and other processes.
You could uses the Oil Gas Steam Boiler to heat the petroleum and increase its fluidity.
In the chemical industry, fermentative tank, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier need to be equipped with steam boiler.

Customer Cases

Daxing Mandau Agricultural Development Technology Co., Ltd in Indonesia is an enterprise integrating planting, breeding, processing, and sales of agricultural products.

In order to meet the needs of agricultural and sideshow processing, after comparing with many steam boiler manufacturers, they finally purchased a boiler WNS15-1.25-T from Yongxing Boiler.

Yongxing’s boiler has stable operation, strong overload capacity, high heat exchange efficiency, and high thermal efficiency, which meet customer’s different needs.

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