WNS Oil Gas Low Nitrogen Boiler

Some nitrogen oxides can cause harm to the human body. Therefore, low nitrogen is what everyone is seeking. After continuous research, Yongxing Boiler has developed a WNS-type ultra-low nitrogen gas boiler with a nitrogen and oxygen emission of 30mg/m3 or less.
This boiler can meet the national environmental protection policy requirements and has a thermal efficiency of over 100%, which can significantly reduce your fuel cost.

  • 1-20T/0.7-14MW
  • Natural gas, coke oven gas, city gas, heavy oil, palm oil
  • Hotel, medicine, clothing textile industry, food factory, heating, and etc

Yongxing’s WNS ultra-low nitrogen gas boiler is a shell-type three-pass wet back type natural gas boiler. It consists of the boiler body, connecting flue, deaerator pump, deaerator, burner, water softener system. Mainly parts help boiler saving heat includes economizer, condenser, etc.

Due to the use of finned tube condensers, your boiler’s final efficiency is increased to more than 98%, saving operating costs. The boiler also has a leakage protection function. Once the control system detects the electric heating element’s leakage, the boiler will automatically cut off the power supply to ensure workers’ safety and the boiler and improve the boiler’s service life.

Compared with old fuel and gas boilers, our condensing boilers’ most prominent feature is low nitrogen, ensuring that your boiler’s nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced to less than 30mg/m3, which meets the emission requirements of various countries.

Our oil-fired gas boilers are compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, simple in operation, and safe in operation, and can be widely used by customers in all walks of life.

  1. A condenser is installed at the end of the boiler, and the waste heat discharged from the tail of the boiler is used to increase the inlet water temperature of the boiler and reduce the exhaust gas temperature so that the thermal efficiency of the boiler can reach 100.05%, which saves your fuel costs.
  2. The condenser’s critical part is made of “sulfuric acid-resistant and low dew point corrosion” special steel, which can increase the service life of your boiler.
  3. The internal smoke pipe adopts a threaded structure, improving heat transfer efficiency and strengthening the heat transfer effect.
  4. The heating surface is well arranged to ensure water circulation and heat circulation, significantly improve the heat transfer effect, and achieve the best state.
  5. The boiler front and rear smoke box cover are movable, which dramatically reduces the difficulty of maintenance and improves maintenance efficiency.
  6. The outer packaging is made of stainless steel, which significantly increases the corrosion resistance.
  7. The control system controls the circulating pump’s start and stops according to the boiler water temperature.
  8. When the boiler water temperature reaches the set upper limit, Combustion, water level, temperature, and steam pressure can be automatically adjusted and controlled automatically, which facilitates the operation of workers and improves safety.
  9. The hot water circulating pump starts, and when the water temperature is lower than the set lower limit, the hot water leaking pump stops.
  10. The protection function is complete, with water shortage protection and pressure relief protection, to ensure the boiler’s safe and efficient operation.

WNS Oil Gas Steam Boiler

Model Rated steam output Rated pressure Rated steam temperature Boiler efficiency Boiler efficiency max weight max size for shipping
T/h) Mpa (℃) % KG MM
WNS0.5-0.7-YQ 0.5 0.7 171 100.9 Natural Gas, Light oil, Diesel, Heavy Oil 3200 2900X1400X1500
WNS1-1.25-YQ 1 1.25 194 4800 3200x1800x2000
WNS2-1.25-YQ 2 1.25 194 7200 3800x1900x2200
WNS3-1.25-YQ 3 1.25 194 10000 4100x2000x2400
WNS4-1.25-YQ 4 1.25 194 12400 4400x2300x2600
WNS6-1.25-YQ 6 1.25 194 16000 5300x2400x2700
WNS8-1.25-YQ 8 1.25 194 21500 6800x2600x3000
WNS10-1.25-YQ 10 1.25 194 26000 6300x2700x3200
WNS12-1.25-YQ 12 1.25 194 31000 6700x2700x3200
WNS15-1.25-YQ 15 1.25 194 40000 8700x3700x3500
WNS20-1.25-YQ 20 1.25 194 48600 8050x3750x3950

Superior WNS Oil Gas Low Nitrogen Boiler For Different Industry

Yongxing steam boiler in the food factory is mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, curing, cooking and other processes.
You could uses the wood chips biomass steam boiler to heat the petroleum and increase its fluidity.
In the chemical industry, fermentative tank, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier need to be equipped with steam boiler.

Customer Cases

Henan Huangguo Grain Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional water mill glutinous rice flour manufacturer, and the steam boiler is its important production equipment.

After comparing many boiler manufacturers on the market, they thought,Yongxing boiler was very good, and they purchased a 10-ton integrated condensing boiler (WNS10-1.25-Q). The boiler adopts an integrated design, compact structure, small size, and small footprint, saving the customer’s investment in the boiler room.

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