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Industrial biomass boiler (1)

High Quality & Good Price Wood Fired Boiler

DZH single-drum wood boiler has a compact structure. Feed any shape biomass by hand and with big feeding door. The overall size of wood boiler system is small, which saves the investment of users.
Yongxing’s wood boilers threaded smoke tube inside, which can form a convective heating surface. This design improves the heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency.
Steam boiler
Coal wood boiler’s key processing procedures have realized digital management, effectively improving the quality of core components and ensuring wood boiler’s service time.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Solid fuel fired boilers’s exterior uses high-quality thermal insulation materials and key processing techniques, it will reduce heat loss while improving the heat recovery efficiency.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China
Wood boiler steam generator can automatically adjust fuel consumption according to the load and has multiple protection such as over pressure and water shortage.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
Wood Boiler steam generator is a device with small volume, large evaporation capacity, lighter weight and convenient installation. It also can provide steam quickly and efficiently.

Our Wood Fired Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Wood Fired Boiler Reliable Quality

We are a leading manufacturer of wood fired boiler. You could install it indoors and outdoors with vertical or horizontal types. For small factories, we make wood fired boiler a vertical, cylindrical steam boiler. You can call it a wood boiler steam generator.

As in daily life, a lot of biomass comes in a big size or irregular shape. Yongxing big door specially designed to meet your various fuel sizes completely.

Our solid fuel fired boilers are ok to work on any combustibles you get. Don’t worry about flue gas emissions. At the end of the wood fired boilers, we install a water dust scrubber to reduce your flue gas pollution emissions to a minimum data.

Yongxing wood boiler system mainly consists of the following boiler components:

The main body of wood-fired boiler, boiler FD fan, boiler feed water pump, water dust scrubber, automatic biomass pellets feeder, biomass pellet silo, feeding fan, dust removal part, water level gauge, pressure gauge, safety valve device, etc.

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Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
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Yongxing Wood Fired Boilers Quality Control

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Wood Fired Boiler Definitive Guide FAQ

Yongxing is a top wood fired boiler manufacturer based in China. With the experience of the decade, we supply the best wood-burning steam boiler. We supply you with the boilers at factory price at a lesser cost.

Our dedication is to provide our customers with the best and most efficient wood fired boiler. We make industrial wood steam boiler that you can use in different industrial applications. Our team tries to make the most economical boilers for you.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some FAQs relevant to wood fired boilers. You can remove your queries by reading this FAQ guide.

How Efficient Is A Wood Boiler System?

Wood boiler system attains between 75% and 90% efficiency. The efficiency depends on the type of wood fired boiler you purchase. The vertical boiler steam only needs 3-5 minutes when it comes out of the boiler body, which makes your system more efficient.

Using big shape wood logs in boilers increases the efficiency of your solid fuel-fired boilers. The new designs burn much less wood and make much less smoke. Our design prevents and recovers heat loss that increases boiler efficiency.

dzh steam boiler system
DZH steam boiler system

How long Will A Wood Burning Steam Boiler Last?

If you maintain your wood boiler properly, the unit can last much longer. With superior design, like an oil hot water boiler, the unit can last 25-30 years or more. The main issue is the design as if it’s good; the system will be more efficient and last longer.

Our design provides you a great efficiency and full assurance of quality. The teams for Quality management at Yongxing assures the quality of boilers.

What Are Industrial Solid fuel fired boilers?

Solid fuel-fired boilers burn solid fuels like wood or coal to replace gas, oil, and electricity. Industrial solid fuel boilers are water-containing vessel that converts heat generated into steam.

You can run your industrial equipment through the points piped and directed at ends. The basic idea behind the boiler is the conversion of water to steam using a source of heat.

Best Selling Wood Log 1ton Laundry Equipment Steam Boiler

DZH 4ton industrial wood fired steam boiler (equipped moving grate and economizer)

Is It Worth To Buy Your Wood Fired Boiler?

Yes, it is worth buying a wood chip boiler as you get a lot of advantages. Having wood fired boiler means you don’t need to pay for propane, gas, oil, or other things.

With the new designs, using more wood and more smoke is also not an issue. The new designs burn much less wood and make much less smoke. You’ll see the steam out of the steam pipes when the wood burns.

For more, you could read the following advantages that we could take for you.

What Advantages Does Wood Burning Steam Boiler Provide?

Now, most people look for an alternative to oil and fossil fuels for the boilers because of the constant rise. Wood pellets and wood fired boiler are gaining popularity because of this reason. It is one of the modern solutions you can get for heating the boilers for industrial use.

You get numerous advantages of wood burning boilers, including quality and cost-effectiveness. Let’s see some of the advantages of wood fired boiler design:

  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly solution

One of the advantages it provides you includes cost-effectiveness. You get the wood fired steam generator at lower costs. Our systems have low operation cost because of biomass. You use the leftover materials of the wood that means you can get it at an economically competitive price.

The price remains stable for the cost wood pallet as it doesn’t vary according to the exogenous factors. Being a cost-effective option saves a lot of money on the fuel source.

  • Eco-friendly

Burning wood is also not dangerous for the environment in comparison with oil and other fuels. You’ll find it an eco-friendly solution for running your industrial equipment. If you have a passion for saving the environment, it can help you do so.

The wood doesn’t produce emissions of carbon dioxide that makes it good for the environment. Even after full burning, the woods produce a minimal quantity of ash.

  • High thermal efficiency

Our solid fuel fired boilers can achieve an efficiency of 85% for big shape wood logs.

  • Energy-efficient resource

Wood burning steam boiler are an energy-efficient resource as they required less human input. You don’t need to put effort as most of the boilers come with a self-cleaning mechanism.

  • Time-saving

We provide you with a wood boiler system that saves your time. The steam comes out of the boilers within 5 minutes that provide high thermal efficiency. The wood burning steam boiler provides you ease as it has one key operation.

You can quickly start it on the go by pressing a button. The solid fuel-fired boilers or wood fired boilers start working immediately after pressing the button.

  • Smart design

We make a smart design that takes less space and provides you with ease. The accessories we send you directly install on the boilers. You can use the boilers immediately after you get them. They always ship at a one-piece machine design.

Bean curd bamboo processing 0.3 tons of biomass wood steam generator

  • Flue gas

You can use Yongxing solid fuel fired boilers with any combustibles without being worried about flue gas emissions. There is a water dust scrubber at the flue gas end of our wood fired boiler. This dust scrubber reduces your flue gas pollution emission.

  • Low operation cost

Biomass is easy to get, Yongxing wood boiler for sale can help you control a very low operation cost.

  • Free installation

These primary wood fired boiler accessories will be installed directly on our boiler, and you can use small wood fired steam boiler immediately after unloading the truck.

  • Perfect package

We weld the wood fired boiler to the horizontal support during transportation, pack the wood boiler system in wooden boxes so that the wood-fired boiler can safely reach your place.

  • Quality endurance

We are an A-class steam boiler manufacturer, obtain the CE certification. Our ISO Quality management system will be controlled all wood fired boilers strictly. With this protection, you will buy a wood-burning steam boiler long lifetime.

Please Introduce Your Wood Fired Boiler Design?

Yongxing is a leading manufacturer of wood fired boiler. We design indoor and outdoor coal wood boiler designs for you. For small factories, we make cylindrical and vertical boilers, named wood boiler steam generators,  and electric steam generator. Our design consists of different parts, including:

Economizer and boiler auxiliaries

  • Boiler FD fan

FD fan stands for forced draft fans that force the air into boilers. It provides the air in the boiler for combustion. You can see the fans in the inlet of the boiler.

It pushes the air through the combustion air supply system to provide necessary hot air for smooth and uniform fuel combustion. In the combustion chamber, the air mixes with fuel to give positive pressure.

  • Feed-water pump

We add a feed-water pump to your boilers to handle extreme water pressure. With the use of high pressure, the pump transports water into boilers. It handles extremely high water pressure and then delivers the water into the boiler system.

The pump also works as a condensate and makeup water pump. There shouldn’t be stream air and insoluble solids in feed water to maintain the proper orientation of the pump.

  • Water dust scrubber

Our design includes a water dust scrubber that removes particulate matter. It captures the particulate in liquid droplets coming. The wet scrubbers are capable of removing both particulate matter and gas pollutants.

It removes pollutants from the exhaust gas, furnaces, and other devices. Through a chamber, the exhaust gas moves through the scrubbing liquid.

  • Automatic biomass pellets feeder

We provide you with a design including an automatic biomass pellets feeder. It means that you don’t need to feed the boiler with biomass pellets yourself. Rather it’ll do it automatically in the wood fired boiler.

  • Biomass pellet silo

A biomass pellet silo is like a pellet hopper to store biomass or wood pellets. We have it in our design as a biomass pellet storage solution. The pallets go from the silo to the boiler through an automatic biomass pellets feeder.

Leaning reciprocating grate

Silo at front of chain grate stoker

  • Water level gauge

There is a water level gauge present in your coal wood boiler that determines the water level. It is the easiest means as it provides a visible indication of the water level in a boiler.

The water level should never be too high; otherwise, the steam can cause damage to the equipment. It helps in keeping the water level constants.

  • Pressure gauge

You can see a pressure gauge inform of your boiler. It detects and calculates the pressure of hot water running through the sealed system of the boiler. You can easily see through it when the pressure is too low, high, or right.

  • Safety valve device

Safety valve devices automatically release a substance from the boiler when pressure or temperature exceeds the limit. In our design, it keeps your boiler safer.

Can We Use Your Wood Fired Boiler For House?

Now we don’t provide you wood boiler systems that you can use for housework. We only design wood burning systems for industries or small factories. The small wood pellet steam generator we make are for small factories. These boilers are wood boiler steam generators. You can get these in vertical and horizontal designs.

Do You Have Wood Burning Boiler For Central Heating?

No, we don’t provide you with wood burning boilers for central heating purposes. You can’t use our boilers for domestic use as they’re only for industrial uses.

How Does Wood Fired Boiler Work?

In pellet fired boiler, the wood acts as the fuel. In the shape of wood pellets, it provides fuel to the boilers. Our design includes an automatic pellet feeder that feeds the boiler. The pallets burn in the boilers that generate heat.

Fd fans force the air in the boiler to provide smooth combustion. Then the feed-water pump sends the normal pressure water in the boiler. The water dust scrubber keeps the pollutants out. This whole process provided the result as steam with the help of burning the wood pallets.

chain grate boiler

What Types Of Wood Boilers For Sale?

As a professional wood fired steam boiler supplier, Yongxing manufactures efficient wood fired boiler at the lowest prices. We make wood fired boiler feed fuel automatic and manual. There are different types of wood boilers that we supply.

These types vary in size, capacity, design, purpose, and design. Our list of wood fired boils includes the boilers like LHG, DZH, solid fuel, etc. Let’s discuss these types in detail to know more about them.


Yongxing supply you with DZH wood fired boiler. DZH means horizontal moving grate boiler with fire tube and water tubes. It is like a horizontal three-pass fire tube boiler mixed in the drum. The wood steam boiler efficiency  is high and the design offers a compact structure. You can feed any shape of biomass manually through a big feeding door. The size of the DZH boiler is small to save space. It is suitable for many industrial applications.

Best Selling Wood Log 1ton Laundry Equipment Steam Boiler


LHG is a type of wood fired steam boilers that have a vertical shape. This category also comes under wood boiler steam generators. It offers small volume, large capacity, easy installation, and is lightweight.

It works quickly and efficiently by adopting unique advanced combustion technology. It has many applications in small factories as well as in industrial areas. The space-saving property makes it more advantageous.



DZL or single drum boilers is also one of our types. There is a water tube and fire tube mixed design that provides high efficiency.

These single drum boilers offer you mechanized combustion. The whole process of combustion includes burning wood pallets and conversion into steam by removing pollutants.

You can get this model boiler from us at lower prices. It provides you the ease of installation, and with wood, it becomes cost-effective.


Wood burning steam generators

Wood burning steam generators provides fully automatic operation. Based on the load, this boiler adjusts its fuel consumption automatically.

This design includes multiple protection, including pressure and water gauge, to check the pressures. These protections provide boiler more safety that makes the working with boiler safer.

You can check the pressure of water to know if it exceeds the limit or not just by seeing it.

Boiler Installation

How About Your Small Wood Fired Boiler?

Our small wood fired boilers are not for domestic use. Rather they are for small factories. You can get these small wood fired boiler in a vertical and cylindrical shape. They are available with the name of wood boiler steam generator.

Do You Configure Wood Fired Boiler Heat Exchanger?

The installation or configuring of the wood fired boiler is for free. We provide you with primary wood fired boiler accessories. You can install them directly on our boiler.

Our design is capable of using immediately after reaching you. We send you a wood boiler system in wooden boxes to make sure about safety during transportation.

wood fired boiler system

wood fired boiler system 3D drawing

Do U Also Sell Wood Boiler Canada?

Yes, we do sell our wood fired boiler to Canadian customers. You can contact us to get more information and remove your queries. We sell to various countries that include Canada and many others.

How Much Does Your Wood Boiler Cost?

LHG small wood boiler cost is at US$2000~8000. Provide you with higher cost performance.

DZH, DZL or SZL wod boiler cost at US$12K ~ US$240K. We could suggest you right wood fired boiler model as your need.

However, we provide you with wood boilers at our factory cost. The cost is lesser and comparable for industrial boilers. You can contact us to get to know more about the prices of our different boilers.


Yongxing boilers supply boilers according to the customer’s need. There are different designs of the wood fired boiler that we supply. You can get the one you find suitable for you.

Our designs are for industrial use, varying in different aspects, hoping that this guide will help you remove your queries.

If you have further queries related to boilers, you can contact us to know more about them. Check out the details of the boilers on our page.





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