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High Quality & Good Price Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler

Low Pressure Steam Boiler Equipped Chain Grate
With or without pressure, this model is suitable for factory that need big amount hot water boilers. Totally automated running.
Low Pressure Steam Boiler Equipped Chain Grate
Similar with steam boilers, this type hot water boiler generator large amount hot waters for project. It has stable performance.
LHG 1 TPH Vertical Water Tubes Biomass Steam Generator
The small wood fired hot water boiler works outstanding on swimming pool, greenhouse, farms and even home using. Generator hot water in 3 monutes.

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Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler, Wood Pellet Hot Water Boiler Description

In our daily life, wood fired hot water boiler is used mainly in timber mills and outdoor works. According to the different wood-burning furnace, we developed several hot water types. They will meet your various demands.

Traditional, you will find a lot of small wood boiler heating for home appliances. Our product is mainly industrial or commercial hot water boilers. We could supply sufficient water content, reliable water quality to meet your high request for hot water heating.

As China Top 10 firewood water boiler suppliers, you will buy them with a-CLASS, CE, CCC, SGS, Or ASME, etc. A wood water boiler is worth a bathroom, hotel, restaurant, farms, greenhouse, etc.

Related to it, Yongxing is also OK to supply the commercial hot water boiler. It shares the same design with biomass on LHG and DZH.

We promise all the above boilers to enjoy 25 or more years of life. All valves are made of cast steel to keep an excellent working condition. Call us right now to get the latest price.

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Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler Definitive Guide FAQ

Yongxing Boiler Group Company makes efforts to provide you with efficient and best Wood Fired Hot Water Boilers. The wood-fired boiler has great use, mainly in timber mills and outdoor works. The construction quality, boiler categories in wood-fired water boiler also makes a lot of difference.

We discuss the different fuels, technologies, and designs to know best about the choice you make. You need to have proper knowledge about what you are getting.  The guide has all the questions that might come to your mind about wood hot water boilers. Have a deep look at the questions regarding the boilers to know more about your choice and remove your queries.

What Is A Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler?

Boilers produce hot water or steam through the fuel provided. Industries use the boiler’s hot water or steam for various process uses. In the water boilers, the gases flow over water-filled tubes that connect to large containers onwards. Biomass used in this boiler can be of different types like woods, rice husk, etc.

The wood-fired hot water boilers for sale use the wood as fuel in the heat receiving media. The wood fired hot water boiler heating system converts the water into steam for you to use in making different industrial applications. To create free hot water, a wood-fired hot water boiler may conveniently add to your wood stove.

These boilers, like oil or gas-fired boilers, feature pressure-rated water compartments and are designed to work in closed-loop pressured systems. Some wood fired boilers are intended to use just the draft generated by their chimney to pull air from the region around them.

2T Biomass Wood Chips Fired Steam Boiler with Chain Grate Stoker Low Pressure

Is Wood fired Hot Water Boiler Worth It?

Wood-fired boilers are worth buying as of their effectiveness and low energy consumption. From the installation process to use it for industrial applications, you get amazing benefits. Our wood-fired boilers are more efficient and reliable. We provide you with wood fired water boilers that are automatic and manual. They are applicable for all kinds of woods.

The boilers are environmentally friendly and save much on your energy bill. The installation process of these water boilers is quick and simple, saving much time. Using more wood and producing more smoke is no longer a concern with the new designs.

The new designs use far less wood and emit significantly less smoke. Because wood does not create carbon dioxide emissions, it is environmentally friendly. Within 5 minutes, hot water emerges from the boilers, resulting in great thermal efficiency. We create a creative concept that saves you space and gives you convenience.

What Makes Wood Fired Hot Boilers Efficient?

If you want to know what makes the wood boiler system efficient, you must know the working of boilers first. In a wood-fired hot boiler, the wood acts as the fuel to heat the water into steam.

The fuel heats the warm-up of the boiler in the combustion chamber of a primary, traditional boiler. Water surrounds the furnace and heat exchanger. The heating element tells about the efficiency of your boiler. More energy you can extract from the flue gas through the heating element is the efficiency of boilers.

How Long Does A Wood-Fired Hot Water Boiler Last?

If you properly maintain the wood fired boiler, it can last for many years. Proper maintenance is the key to the reliability of the boilers or anything else. Wood fired boilers last longer than most units because of their superior construction and design. The design is the most important factor in the reliability of the boilers. If the design has a proper drain system and other components of high quality, it lasts longer.

We provide you with a hot water boiler that has a drain at the bottom and lasts much longer. The water chamber that helps the heat transfer also plays an important role. Life expectancy also depends on the area; if the location is good for the boiler, it lasts longer.

Wood fired hot water boilers are highly effective and reliable. With careful installation and implementation, these boilers provide longer life.

They are providing you with longer life for industrial applications. Many factors affect the reliability and longevity of a boiler, including its efficiency and components. We provide you with a biomass hot water boiler that lasts for more than two decades.

What Are The High-Efficiency Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler Prices?

It can be costly to install wood boilers. The installation is easy and quick but may require some experienced people. Automatic or manual boilers directly connect to the system. To run the forced hot air furnace, the boiler must be connected to the exchanger. The heat exchanger regulates the pressure to which the boiler connects as the labor job is intensive, so the installation costs can be around 2 to 4 grand.

Cost also depends on the type of heating system you have for installation. Another reason that affects the cost is the type of connection system you need to make. The average cost of installing a new water boiler is between $8,000 $15,000.

The minimum the installation can cost you is $6,000, and the maximum can go up to $20,000. A standard-efficiency model having an efficiency of 90% can cost you $6,000 to $11,000. The labor costs can be between $1,000~$2,500.

What Size Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler Do You Need?

We don’t provide offerings for personal or house use. You get wood burning hot water boiler for industrial-level use. We don’t have the size ranges for the small factories or personal home uses. We make sizes that are usable in industrial applications. If you want to get it for an industrial purpose, you can get various choices in the types. We provide you with quality wood fired hot water boilers that help you in your industrial applications.

The size of industrial boilers is in MW ranges which makes them capable of industrial level use. Wood fired hot water boilers with a huge size spread help ensure that the boiler can meet the specific water and heating needs. Industrial needs require large-size boilers for industrial applications. We provide you that a range between MW and meets your all-industrial needs.

What Do You Need To Consider While Choosing An Industrial Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler?

The efficiency depends maximum on the type you choose for the boiler. If you’re choosing the right one, it’ll maximize an industrial facility’s total efficiency. Being considerate about the factors while getting or choosing an industrial boiler is an important part. The requirements you need to consider are of three types.

These three types include, firstly, the design of the boiler as it must be appropriate. The fuel used as the source also plays an important role in making the boiler effective.

· Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler Design / Type

There are two most common types of boilers fire tube and water tube. Both of these boilers have their own set of features. The boiler in a fire tube boiler transmits hot gases. The gases go from the heat source through tubes and a water-filled shall. The waters then convert into steam, which may be used in industrial applications. They are less expensive and simple to operate, but their capacity is limited.

Water is passed through the tubes in water-tube boilers. On the shell side, the hot gases that heat the water are found. These boilers provide higher thermal efficiencies than fire tube ones. They are more costly than fire tubes but provide more efficiency and have wide use in industrial applications. These boilers produce high-pressure steam and require high capacities. Choosing a wood hot water boiler provides you with immense benefits for your industrial side.

· Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler Fuel/Heat Source

When selecting a boiler for industrial use, another factor that matters is the fuel. The fuel type for generating heat also plays an important role. Some can be easily available ones some are not. Many of the fuels for boilers are eco-friendly as well, but some are not. There are many types of fuels from which some common ones are as follow:

When choosing a boiler, it’s vital to consider the sort of fuel utilized to create heat. There are many fuel types from which some are as follow:


Coal hot water boilers use coal as the fuel for heating. This fuel source has higher emissions and is a bit costly. It requires costly scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators. These are the requirements to remove harmful gases and fly ash from flue gas in coal-fired hot water boilers.

Natural gas

This form of fuel is cleaner than other forms of energy and fuels. It is highly combustible and has a high energy-to-heat ratio. Natural gas is safe, environmentally friendly, and has many advantages over others.


Biomass hot water boiler uses biomass as the heating source and has extensive applications. They have more applications in sugar processing and pulp and paper industries. These boilers use by-products of facility processes as fuel. They are economical, cheap, and readily available.


Wood also comes under biomass ones and provides a lot of benefits. Wood pellet steam generator use wood as the fuel source for converting water into steam. This source is also environmentally friendly, cheaper, and readily available.

· Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler Combustion Technology

Different boilers use different fuels and thus different combustion technologies. Some industrial boilers burn coal, some biomass, and other petrochemical fluids. They all use different combustion technologies. One of the combustion technologies is a stoker that does distribution. On a moving grate, it distributes coal uniformly throughout the burner.

Fluidized bed technology is another innovation. It blows air through a bed of pulverized coal or biomass to create jets of air. The technology then supplies the oxygen necessary for burning. Thermic fluid heaters, which employ petroleum-based fluids, are the other type. As a heat source, the fluid flows in a closed-loop system with this technique. These three technologies all have an impact on thermal efficiency. You must select the boiler.

What Are Your Wood Fired Hot Water Water Heater For Sale?

Yongxing provides amazing choices of wood-fired-hot water heaters. You get different choices in this category to choose according to your applications. We provide you with the best industrial wood boilers at the lowest prices. We provide boilers that are automatic and as well manual. Reliability and other factors make the choices available best.

The boilers vary in shape, purpose, applications, capacity, components, and others. Listed is the information about different types of hot water boilers available for sale.

· LHG Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler

LHG biomass-fired water boilers have a vertical shape. It provides full combustion as of its unique advanced combustion technology. You get a wide range of capacities starting for industrial use. The boiler provides the result with the use of hot flue gases of wood or similar. It provides a lot of advantages, including high combustion efficiency.

With this boiler, you get the solution to the burning black smoke problem. The boiler comes with an economizer that helps in providing a clean output gas, unlike others. Its installation is easy and quick because of the way of its design and shape. You can carry this boiler anywhere you want as it’s convenient to carry it. In industrial applications, the industry fixes the boilers to one place.

Wood burning boiler

You don’t require much space for installing this vertical model. It easily fits in some square feet. The design of the furnace of the boiler is such that it can hold enough fuel. Its design and capability of holding more fuel make the water heated in very little time. The fuel consumption is less in this boiler. Its storage has a coating of corrosion-resistant and high-temperature. This coating prevents the boiler from rust that allows it to give sturdy and hygienic water.

The boiler comes with an intelligent automatic controller. This controller allows easy operation and convenient use. We provide you with highly efficient boilers that do save energy and are easy to operate. The boiler costs much lower and provides many benefits. It has many industrial applications for which industry can get it.

· SZL Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler

SZL wood-fired hot water boilers are water tube boilers. They are horizontal type boilers in which the combustion equipment is a chain grate. It provides easy and quick assembly and installation. The assembly structure is easy to install.

It is a wood pellet fired steam boiler that has a steam capacity lower than 4t/h. The steam capacity is between 6~25t/h. Its upper part is the boiler heated part, and the lower part is combustion equipment.

SZL 7MW 1.25MPa Shop Assembled Membrane Water Cooling Wall Coal Fired Chain Grate Stoker Boiler Hot Water
Water Tube Boilers

This water boiler provides many advantages like compact structure and design. Some other advantages include high steam quality, sufficient output, operation convenience, and being environmentally feasible. The fuel for the heating purpose can be woods, rick husk, and others. Biomass energy is replacing the other sources now. These fuels are also lower in cost.

The SZL biomass boiler has a complete membrane water tube wall. A three-pass wet-back system with a secondary cyclone burnout chamber is included. It has an automated cleaning system and allows for a 15% increase in furnace combustion. It enables you to conserve energy while also reducing pollutants and increasing boiler efficiency.

There are many applications in which you can use this SZL water boiler. The applications refer to most of the industrial production. This boiler has applications in starch, tea, feed mill, heating, drying, food, etc. it provides good steam quality, smooth operation, and less operation cost.

· (C)DZL Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler

DZL is a type of wood hot water boiler that has a single drum horizontal type shell. The combustion equipment in this boiler is a chain grate/moving grate. There is also a small-scale flake grate bar available. It is a two-wing flue series boiler that comes with a more compact structure. The boiler provides you with reliable operation and a smaller volume. In industrial benefits, it provides the faster output and higher thermal efficiency.

Our boiler is highly efficient and helps save energy. Enhanced heat transfer efficiency is because of its optimized design CAD furnace/coil pipe structure. There is an energy-saving device in the boiler, like an economizer. The economizer helps to absorb the heat of exhaust gas, is economical and environment-friendly.

For (C)DZL/(C)SZL automatic wood pellet hot water boiler, we make it a larger wood burning furnace and longer on basement chain grate stoker. With this design, you should feed wood or coal every 10-15minutes. Our system also need a power supply on a feed water pump, gearbox, slag removal, etc.

Steam Boiler Vs Hot Water Boiler

Different from steam boilers, wood fired hot water boiler commonly has no pressure. We could make the system temperature 85-90℃, and backwater 70℃. Committed to a high efficiency aim, we add the water economizer and heat exchanger. 

It meets the demand for high efficiency, meanwhile, you will get a clean heat source. Yongxing wood hot water boiler is very beneficial if you divide the heat source into different final users.

Taking into consideration of time cost, we have another proposal. That is choosing a wood fired hot water generator, with a tiny body, but build in plenty of water tubes inside. Move it from side to side freely, our wood hot water boiler can help you to solve heating requests anyplace.

DZL coal steam boiler
Water Tube Boiler

We provide you with systems that can be fully automatic. Being a fully automatic feeding boiler means it has an automatic chain belt grate. The grate provides easier operation and avoids the problem of leakage and uneven ventilation.

There is a double-sided air inlet chamber providing the flexibility to adjust the air volume. It is there to distribute the air uniformly to ensure full combustion in the boiler.

The design of the boiler is such that it has a steam-water separator. Its design reduces steam humidity and ensures steam quality. The boiler design provides satisfactory usage and enough steam output per hour.

high pressure steam boiler system

The DZL Biomass Water Boiler has a complete heating surface and a water tube construction. The boiler has high thermal efficiency and complete combustion. In this Water boiler, biomass like woods and others acts as fuel. The boiler is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. You get complete auxiliaries, high self-control, and automatic. The installation is easy, quick, and cost-effective.

Like the gas hot water boiler, DZL wood pellet hot water boiler provides you with sufficient and steady capacity. You get high heat efficiency with a heating area present on the sides of the furnace. The application of this boiler is numerous for industries. Some of the applications you can use on the industrial level include Food and Beverage and Cement Plant. There are many others like Garment manufacturing, chemical plants, textile plants, Feed mills, Paper Plants, and dyeing mills.

What Are The Advantages Of A Wood Fired Hot Water Boiler?

The biomass-fired steam boilers design provides immense benefits not to the industry but environment as well. Some of the benefits of using biomass like wood, rice husks, and others are as follow:

· Environment friendly

Biomass fuels are much environmentally friendly than others like coal. They don’t need a much longer lifetime to re-generate, unlike coal. You can get biomass fuel easily than coal. The replacement of the growth of new plans and trees fulfils the loss. Coal is something that might vanish some years after as of decreasing resources. The fuel gases produced by coal affect the environment badly. Biomasses don’t produce such flue gas and much ashes that can cause harm to the environment. It is safer to use wood or biomass for the combustion and hear process in boilers.

· Neutral form

Biomass is a neutral form of energy and supplies with energy and disposal of woods and other wastes. You can reduce the carbon dioxide output using biomass as fuel than using other fuels in your boilers.

· Dispose of waste wood

Biomass energy is the best way of disposing of waste wood. The system remains sustainable even after you burn your wood. You can also use your wood or biomass fuels instead of getting them from somewhere else.

· Price and efficiency

The price of biomass fuels is much lesser than others. Without compromising on efficiency and performance, you can get the benefits at lower prices with biomass energy. Because of the low sulfur emissions and excellent efficiency, big boilers may save money on water dust scrubbers. Heat transfer

With biomass as a fuel, you can reduce the heat lows and optimize the thermal field. Our design provides an improved burnout degree of fuel and stable combustion ability.


Yongxing Coal Boilers Group ensures to provide the best to the customers. We ensure to provide highly efficient and cost-effective wood-fired water boilers. The capacity of the boilers differs in size according to the type you choose. You can select the type and capacity according to your industrial application needs. There is enough information above that can provide you with complete knowledge about wood-fired boilers.

While talking about the heating systems or boilers, there are different things to take care of. The type and components play an immense role in making the boiler best for your need. After getting the required wood-fired boilers, you need to consider several things to install them.

The wood-fired hot boiler is a great choice in many respects nowadays. The factors like cost-effective to environmentally friendly, and others make it the best choice. People are concerned about the environment, so this is a good choice because of fewer output fuel gases.

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