Top 6 Industrial Wood Fired Steam Boiler Suppliers in 2024

A wood steam boiler is a cost-effective and efficient solution, but only if you choose a reliable supplier. Otherwise, you can get a system that doesn’t meet your requirements. The current boiler market is crowded with hundreds of manufacturers. However, only a handful of them are reliable. So, which one should you choose? This guide will provide a detailed list of the top 5 wood fired steam boiler suppliers. We will discuss the USP (unique selling point) of each manufacturer. This way, you can decide which is best for your requirements. That said, let’s get started!


How to Choose Wood Fired Steam Boiler Suppliers?

So, what makes a supplier reliable? Let’s look at some factors in detail:

1. Reviews

You should always look for a supplier’s reviews. It is easy to find them on the Internet, for instance, Trust Pilot. Their customer feedback gives you insights about the manufacturer. That includes their legitimacy, customer satisfaction, shipping, support, etc. 

2. Budget

Some manufacturers are only known for their high prices. They have become brands, setting expensive costs for even simple boilers. Considering your budget, finding a supplier within your constraints might be better. 

3. Available Variety

You will find many suppliers with one or two options in your desired category. For example, a manufacturer with only one wood fired boiler is not recommended. A supplier with a limited catalog gives you less freedom of choice. It makes you bound to choose from the provided options. On the other hand, a manufacturer with a rich inventory offers greater flexibility.

4. Application & Capability

Do you want a wood fired boiler for house or industrial purposes? These two are very different in their capabilities. Industrial boilers have a higher input and output range. They are more efficient and suitable for large-scale productions.

Also, you will find many different levels of industrial wood boilers. Some are designed for smaller productions, while others are for high-end industries. You should review your requirements, such as your production goals. 

5. Customer Support

While it may seem insignificant, customer support can make or break a manufacturer. A supplier with poor customer service shouldn’t be your top choice. You can experience many inconveniences in the long run. For instance, they might not offer installation or maintenance guidance. Furthermore, suppliers with poor customer support might also not resolve your queries. 

6. Warranty

Warranty is easily one of the key factors to look for in a manufacturer. Consider choosing another supplier if a supplier offers a short to no warranty period. That’s because you will face issues in the future, like repairs, spare parts, etc. And the manufacturer won’t assist you if he does not promise any guarantee. 

After-Sales Support

Always go for a manufacturer that offers after-sales support. Otherwise, you will need to choose third-party services for maintenance and repairs. These third-party service providers can be significantly expensive. In comparison, suppliers with after-sales services don’t charge a penny. 

6 Best Industrial Wood Fired Steam Boiler Suppliers in 2024

The following list consists of the best industrial wood fired steam boiler suppliers. We have highlighted their pros, cons, and key features. So, let’s dive in!

1. YongXing Boiler Group

Also known as YX Boiler Group, YongXing is one of China’s most popular wood fired steam boiler suppliers. We have over 40 years of experience in the boiler, generator, and heater industry. We offer a wide range of products, including hot water, thermal, steam, and vertical boilers. 

YongXing Boiler Group has three types of wood fired steam generator. That includes pellet-fired, wood chip, and pellet steam boilers. Each category has 5-6 products, each having unique input and output capability. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers wood combination systems, like biomass pellet steam boilers

However, the USP of YX Boiler Group is its range of services. We offer installation and after-sales services. That means a customer can get maintenance directly from us. Also, we provide spare parts, like valves and grate bars, for free. We have 24/7 customer service on our website, Messenger, WhatsApp, phone number, email, and in-office meetings. 

YongXing also has some types of boilers that you wouldn’t find with many manufacturers. That includes water tube, rice mill, and fire tube boilers. Currently, gas burners are also in their catalog, making their inventory the richest on this list.

YX Boiler Factory has different scales of boilers, ranging from 1, 2, and 5 to 10 tons. We have other products, including generators, grate bars, strokers, heaters, and autoclaves. So our customers don’t have to look elsewhere!


  • Speedy delivery within 30 days in over 130 countries
  • All boilers are in compliance with the industry standards and certified by ASME, CE, and DOSH
  • Free price quotes and consultation for people who are unsure of their requirements
  • More than 240 types of boilers are currently in their catalog
  • Suitable and efficient systems for food, petrochemical, and chemical industries. 


  • Don’t offer installation services for all countries, even though we can provide guidance.

2. CNBoiler

Operating under the license of Bidragon Machinery Co., CNBoiler has made its mark in the boiler industry. The company has developed over 10 patents for maximizing wood steam boiler efficiency. Furthermore, their catalog consists of many systems, including coal, gas, oil, electric, and wood generators. 

The manufacturer is transparent with their past projects. They have worked with a paper-making plant, hotel, garment factory, hospital, and beer-processing unit. Besides boilers, the supplier also manufactures furnace systems. 

CNBoiler is known for its advanced systems. For example, their biomass wood pellet steam boiler is highly automated. It has an advanced control system, allowing you to operate it anywhere. 


  • Easy-to-use and automated boilers
  • All boilers are factor-tested with procedures like X-ray and weld orientation
  • Various communication channels to contact with CNBoilers
  • 100% transparency about past projects and processing equipment


  • Currently, only 1 option is available in the wood-fired boiler category
  • The website can feel a bit outdated

3. Hurst Boiler

Hurst Boiler is easily one of the most popular wood fired boiler manufacturers. Their range of systems makes them an accessible option. They have firebox, Scotch Marine, Low NOx, solid fuel, biomass, and vertical boilers. Also, you will find all the essential auxiliaries and spare parts available with this supplier. 

Their biomass boiler category has wood-fired systems. You can make these generators more efficient using add-ons from Hurst Boilers. They have HVAC software, integrated control systems, feedwater units, and blowdown separators. 

Another USP of Hurst Boiler is their website. They provide news, updates, and case studies. The manufacturer is operating globally, providing services in almost all countries. 


  • You can easily request boiler parts and services by filling out forms
  • The manufacturer offers after-sales support, preventive maintenance, and other boiler services
  • Their website has News and Media Center sections for updating people about the industry
  • A large inventory with boilers of every major type and auxiliaries


  • The manufacturer is still not offering services in some countries
  • They only have hybrid systems for wood-fired boilers that are comparatively more expensive than single-fuel option

4. Yuanda Boiler

Yuanda Boiler is known for its sleek wood fired steam boiler design. Their signature style is consistent throughout almost every system. The manufacturer also has generator accessories and waste incinerators in this inventory. 

Yuanda is a well-known name because of its years of service. The supplier has been active since 1956. Today, it has the Audited Supplier license due to its transparent operations.

Besides individual boilers, Yuanda Boiler offers promotions and packages for businesses. Also, they have their own trading platform on the website. Here, users can publish their boiler listings. You can view all the information about the seller before purchasing, making it a trusted trading platform.


  • The supplier has its secured trading service.
  • You can chat with the manufacturer via the website’s live chat
  • Yuanda Boiler allows you to book a physical factory or virtual tour
  • Wood and biomass boilers are available in single pieces and sets


  • Only limited boilers and accessories are available
  • Wood-fired generators are not listed separately. Instead, they are under biomass coal boilers, making them difficult to find.

5. Ekotek

Established in 1997 and operating from Turkey, Ekotek is a renowned boiler manufacturer. They have a variety of heating devices in their inventory, including generators, boilers, economizers, and hot water storage tanks.

Besides industrial systems, Ekotek also has residential boilers. Its solid-fuel systems are categorized into four primary categories: Thunderbolt, Grim, Volcano, and Hybrid. These are all combinational boilers working with multiple energy sources. They can use wood chips, pellets, coal, hazelnut shells, and sunflower husks.

One thing we noticed among all Ekotek boilers is their similar designs. Every system has the same orange theme with blue and red auxiliaries. Ekotek also has the essential accessories for large-scale generators, like tanks, filters, and chimneys. 


  • Various boilers are available, ranging from small to intermediate-scale needs. 
  • The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty with dedicated support, maintenance, and repairs. 
  • After-sales services are also available within the warranty period.
  • The supplier is active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and X. You can also contact them via website form, email, or phone number.


  • Most of their boilers are not suitable for high-end industrial needs.
  • Not all essential auxiliaries and accessories are available.


Taishan is one of the well-known small wood fired steam boiler suppliers in China. Operating since 1978, it is now certified by the Chinese government. The manufacturer has boilers and high-end systems for industries, power stations, and large-scale machinery facilities. 

Taishan is famous for its EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) mode. Their motto is to create simple yet innovative designs. The supplier has four primary categories for its boilers. That includes coal-fired, biomass, pulverized coal, and oil & gas systems. 

Besides boilers, Taishan also has garbage incinerators. It can come in handy for large-scale industries. The manufacturer offers wood-fired steam boiler services in various countries, including Australia, New Zealand, America, Haiti, and Juventus. 

Hanneng has garnered generally positive reviews in its long years of service. It is also transparent with its past projects and case studies. Hence, their customers can learn more about them before purchasing!


  • Most products are suited for large-scale industrial applications
  • The manufacturer’s website keeps users updated with company and industry news
  • Complete transparency with customers, including a virtual factory tour and certifications


  • Not many options are available when it comes to wood-fired boilers
  • Only 4 types of generators are in the catalog

Which Wood Fired Steam Boiler Suppliers Should You Choose?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. It is better to review every manufacturer’s strengths and weaknesses. You should also go through customer reviews for each supplier. However, the most integral factor is your requirements. 

Remember that some suppliers, like YongXing Boiler Group, have systems for all purposes. You will find small, intermediate, and large-scale generators in our inventory. There, you have more options to choose from. Hence, you will surely find a steam boiler industrial that fits your needs.

The last thing to consider is your budget. Note that the costs mentioned with the boiler might not include installation charges. That’s because some manufacturers are in different countries than yours. Thus, you will need to get third-party installation, increasing your expenses. 


The current industry is snowballed with wood fired steam boiler suppliers. Many of them are new, while others have been operating for years. Choosing a reliable manufacturer gives you the peace of mind. Plus, you won’t have additional expenses to worry about. That includes frequent wear and tear, maintenance, repairs, spare parts, etc. The right manufacturer can help you get a better wood boiler system with higher efficiency. So, you will spend less money and get the optimal output. 

That is why suppliers like YongXing Boiler Group offer high-quality auxiliaries and efficient boiler designs. They understand the importance of efficiency and how it can smoothen industrial operations. You can contact YongXing Boiler Group today and get a free price quote for a wood steam generator. 

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