Wood Fired Steam Boiler, Automated Wood Chip Steam Boiler

  • Wood fired Steam boiler with chain grate stoker
  • Fully automated system supply
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Wood Fired Steam Boiler, Automated Wood Chip Steam Boiler

You Get Best Wood Fired Steam Boiler Quality And Price

SZL 10 TPH With Reasonable Biomass Steam Boiler Cost
Yongxing biomass steam boiler pressure can reach 3.82Mpa, which is a high-pressure boiler. The 450℃superheated steam can meet your high-temperature steam demand.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
SZL wood steam boiler furnace arranges a water-cooled membrane wall. the upper part is connected with boiler drum, and the lower part is connected with header, forming a larger combustion chamber.
Low Pressure Steam Boiler Equipped Chain Grate
A 15 TPH wood steam boiler installs a boiler economizer with 348.8m2 heating area. The Boiler economizer standards is 160group finned tubes,with diameterφ60-1.6Mpa-1500mm.
The wood size normally not bigger than 60mm, Yongxing specially install a biomass rolling feed coal hopper. In the side, it has the device to adjust the feeding speed.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
Biomass steam boiler has a self-diagnosis function. Once the boiler is running abnormally, it will automatically interrupt the combustion and send out sound and light reports.
LHG 1 TPH Vertical Water Tubes Biomass Steam Generator
Yongxing's wood fired steam generator uses high-quality boiler materials and 40 years of experience welding technology to ensure that the boiler you buy meets China's top standards.

Yongxing Wood Fired Steam Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Your Reliable Wood Fired Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Yongxing is an experienced wood fired steam boiler manufacturer. There are many kinds of wood-fired boilers in Yongxing that are capable of burning biomass. Aside from wood fired hot water boilers, we also have wood thermal oil heaters with very stable heating. We also have a wood fired hot air boiler for drying.

A steam boiler is a standard model for effective use. Our types include:

  • LHS vertical wood steam boiler, fixed grate, manual feeding, or automatic feeding, which boiler has a silo beside.
  • DZH movable grate, manual feeding wood fired boilers for sale.
  • DZL chain grate stoker, automatic feeding wood boilers for sale.
  • SZL wood fired boiler, consisting of a traveling grate stoker, automatic feeding, double drum, water-filled fire tubes, and a capacity range from 100HP to 38500HP.

Yongxing’s boilers offer lower prices than those from other companies. In the event that you purchase the wood chip steam boiler from us, you will get it delivered directly from our factory.

Our sales department is able to provide you with a brochure on our wood boilers upon request.

We guarantee that all boilers produced by our factory are of high quality and will be quickly delivered to you within 20 days. So, contact us right now!

Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Wood Fired Boiler 360° Show

You will see the boiler 360° view here. Whatever where you come from, we warmly welcome your visit any time. It is quickly generator wood – fired boilers steam.


Yongxing Wood Fired Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Membrane Wall



Everything You Should Know About Wood Fired Steam Boiler

Wood fired steam boilers, widely recognized as the top choice in modern heating, are essential equipment for various sectors such as schools, factories, laundries, and manufacturing firms. Many Companies seek cost-effective alternatives to cut expenses on gas and liquid fuels, amid high operational costs of wood fired boilers.

The rise of eco-friendly wood boilers as a cost-effective replacement for expensive fuel and gas fired steam boilers is gaining popularity due to their long-standing benefits.

Explore the ins and outs of industrial steam boilers and why they make a smart choice. So let’s continue reading:

What Is Industrial Wood Fired Steam Boiler?

An industrial wood fired steam boiler is a type of boiler that uses wood waste as fuel to generate steam or hot water for industrial applications.

The wood waste is burned in a fire chamber to produce heat, which is then used to generate steam or hot water. Industrial biomass boilers find common use in factories, power plants, and sawmills.

Additionally, a wood boiler system can generate electricity or mechanical power. For example, wood-fired boilers can be used to power turbines that generate electricity. Affordable wood-powered boilers efficiently generate power or heat for industrial applications, providing a cost-effective solution. However, instead of using gas to produce heat, these boilers depend on wood burning steam boiler.

At Yongxing Boiler Group, our high-quality steam boilers, crafted with advanced technologies, guarantee durability. Our dedicated team ensures compliance with international standards and competitive pricing. These industrial steam boilers mainly produce saturated steam, hot water, and superheated steam. They can also be used for disinfection, sterilization, and distillation, among other uses.

Durable Wood fired Steam Boiler for Sustainable Heating
The advanced radiator for wood boiler technology that helps to produce better product.

Figure. DZL industrial biomass boiler wood, running with chain grate stoker combustion wood chips or wood pellets

What Is Yongxing Wood Chip Steam Boiler Constructure?

Yongxing’s wood chip steam boiler adopts a lot of advanced construct concepts as follows:

1. The first point is pressure parts are all water fire tube structures. This design can ensure a large water capacity in the furnace. Our small wood-fired steam generator promptly meets increased steam demands, ensuring instant and substantial steam supply for your needs.

Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer


membrance wall

Water membrane wall water tubes in the factory ready to ship

2. Double drums to increase water volume and capacity. By doing this, you will get more steam in a shorter period of time.

3. It will have an adequate amount of drop pipes, water pipes, and internal moisture flows, which are evenly heated.
The drop tube increases the radiant heating area. In addition, our new design is a membrane wall water pipe, there is no gap between the water pipe, and heat loss is smaller. (Of course, we leave a smaller expansion gap between the membrane walls.)
Another advantage is that it saves a lot of steel weight, which not only saves boiler costs but also shipping weight & costs.

4. Different kinds of traveling grate stokers and fuel feeders could apply to your different kinds of wood.
Chain grate stoker is normally used on the following biomass.
Wood chips
Wood pellets
Rice husk etc.
Nevertheless, as you can tell from their name, they should not be too large. Officially, the size control range is 6-40 mm. If they are too small, the fuel can easily fall off due to the chain gaps. If they are too big, it affects biomass feeding.
Normally, some powder is allowed, but less than 25%.

5. We enhance the thermal efficiency of our industrial wood fired steam boiler with high-quality auxiliaries, including the economizer and superheater, fully absorbing waste heat from the boiler tail gas.

  • Our small biomass boiler reduces exhaust gas temperature below 180℃, raising the inlet water temperature to 50-70℃.
  • Reusing softened high-temperature water in steam production significantly saves energy consumption.

Among many kinds of steam boilers, It’s a cost-effective and easy-to-operate biomass-fired steam boiler.

How about Your Wood Fired Boilers Quality?

You will never have to worry about the quality of Yongxing steam boiler wood fired. Our 40 years of production experience and mature production process are the primary quality guarantees.
  1. 100% flaw detection test to ensure that the biomass boiler meets the highest standard of A1 China.
  2. Boiler heat treatment after welding. Some unregulated small manufacturers do not have heat treatment equipment at all. Yongxing’s heat treatment equipment ensures that every expansion weld is mature, stable, and quality-assured.
  3. The production plan is traceable according to ISO9001 production management standards. Each product, each welding seam, has a designated person in charge.
  4. Workers with skilled work. We are all people with more than 5 years of working experience. rework is guaranteed if the welding is successful.
  5. Yongxing wood burning steam boiler quality is excellent. We can make them an American standard ASME or CE boiler. Our Efficient wood-fired boiler supports third-party SGS, BV, and other institutions’ testing.
  1.  Yongxing wood chip steam boiler plan has also obtained the national A1 class boiler qualification and is a leader in wood chip steam boiler manufacture.

Why Should You Buy Our Wood Fired Steam Generator?

As a professional wood fired steam boiler supplier, Yongxing wood fired steam generator comes with so many benefits that include:

  • Reliable and renewable:

    They use sustainable and renewable woods that are eco-friendly and produce less harsh after combustion. The boilers are highly efficient.

  • Durable and cost-saving:

    Yongxing wood steam boiler offer a cost-effective alternative gas-fired steam boilers. These steam boiler gas fired depend on wood which is readily available at a low price, to function efficiently.

    They also have advanced features and technologies to ensure sustainable heating solutions. This boiler can last for a long time and provide excellent value for your money.

  • Safety:

    Generally, a small wood fired steam boiler is considered to be safer than other nuclear power plants. This boiler will not cause a cast trophy or hurt your employees. They are safe and healthy for the environment.

  • Requires low maintenance:

    Yongxing wood boiler designs are highly advanced so there are low maintenance issues and high thermal efficiency. You don’t have to spend much to keep this boiler in check after buying one.

  • Ideal for off-grid locations:

    This boiler is also ideal for off-grid locations. You do not need to be connected to utilities in order to use this boiler.

What Does Our Wood-Fired  Steam Generator Consist Of?  

Yongxing industrial wood boiler consists of the following:

  • Storage tank:

    This is a large tank where the hot water is stored after heating for future use. This design boosts efficiency and saves organizations money on hot water or steam with our wood boiler generator.

  • Boiler auxiliaries:

    Yongxing’s wood-burning boiler features high-quality auctions, including FD fans, ID fans, Feedwater pumps, slag removers, dust collectors, superheaters, boiler economizers, valves, and instruments, enhancing its efficiency.

  • Self-cleaning heat exchanger:

    This exchanger ensures that the heat generated is easily transferred to the heating of the water.

  • A temperature turbine chamber:

    DZL for wood steam generator
    Compact and Reliable Wood Steam Generator for Businesses

    The steam boiler temperature turbine chamber stores the wood and burns it.

What Types Of Boilers Do We Have?

At Yongxing, we have various wood fired steam boiler for sale. Some of these include:

  • SZL40-3.82 / 450℃ wood steam boiler for sale:
    Our Biomass steam boiler is very reliable and cost-effective. It has a very high pressure that can reach up to 3.82Mpa. The 450℃superheated steam is also capable of meeting your high-temperature need. This boiler is all you need for your organization to meet your steam or hot water demand.
  • SZL25-2.5-T wood fired steam generator:
    This wood fired steam boiler design has a water-cooled membrane wall. The upper part of the boiler is connected to the boiler drum, while the lower to the header. This creates a large combustion chamber. This type of boiler is highly efficient and durable.
  • SZL15-1.25/1.6-T Wood Boiler:
    Yongxinglarge boiler has 160 group finned tubes, with a 348.8m2 heating area. On the side, you will find a device that helps you adjust the feeding speed. The wood size is not bigger than 60mm.
  • LHG 300 kgs Small Wood Fired Steam Generator :
    The beautiful and well-designed wood steam boiler has a self-diagnosis function. This function interrupts the combustion and sends out an alert when the boiler works abnormally.
  • LHG 500 Kgs Small Wood-Fired Steam Generator:
    Here Yongxing boiler steam is made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability. They’re ideal for organizations seeking the cost-effectiveness of fired boilers over other industrial types.

What Is Our Commercial Wood Fired Generator System?

Yongxing’s affordable wood boiler systems feature advanced technologies for easy combustion and control. It uses a high-efficiency heat transfer thread pipe to enhance the boiler’s efficiency.

These boilers are sturdy; they can work in any type of environment. It is vital to state that eco-friendly wood boiler technology does not dirty your environment and provides a sustainable heating system.

They incorporate clean, eco-friendly technology that complies with global environmental protection standards.

The boilers are also designed to have convenient adjustment and sufficient output. The Yongxing steam generator plan is one of the best investments for your money.

How Do Our Wood-Fired Steam Boilers Work?

Yongxing efficient wood-fired steam generators are easy to use. The raw wood passes through a volume-regulating plate in a wood hopper, feeding into a steel sifter via a rotating drum.

The raw wood is evenly spread on the running grate by large, medium, and small particles by a sifter. It enters the furnace and is formed into a wood layer that is large, small, evenly flat, and loosely ventilated.

This way, the gap between your wood particles is retained while ventilation resistance is reduced. The chain grate stoker adapts well to various wood qualities and works efficiently with lower volatile content in inferior wood.

What Is Our Commercial Wood Fired Steam Boiler Design?

Yongxing wood fired steam boiler design are highly efficient and cost-effective. Explore the boiler body, including a drum, down tube, convection tube bundle, and threaded cigarette tube.

It also comes with other auxiliaries like a drainpipe, a lifting lug, a safety valve, and the main steam valve. This high-quality wood boiler, backed by warranties, ensures 100% efficiency, delivering excellent value for your money.


Coal fired boiler system

What Is Our Wood Steam Boiler Efficiency?

At Yongxing Boiler Group, our wood fired steam boilers offer up to 84-86% efficiency. These steam boiler wood fired provide cost-effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions for heating water and producing steam for commercial use.

They are durable and equipped with extra features like the economizer, burns, and a perfect insulation system. These boilers are built to last you for a very long time, with preventive maintenance practices.

Economizer and boiler auxiliaries

How Much Does an Industrial Wood Steam Boiler Cost?

At Yongxing Boiler Group, the cost of our industrial steam boilers varies based on factors like working pressure, rated voltage, capacity, features, and design. Additionally, costs for our gas fired steam boiler are influenced by shipping, installation, repair, and location.

While valued for high thermal efficiency, cost reduction, and additional features, our wood boiler comes with associated costs. Most of our wood fired steam boilers for sale include auxiliary features like economizers, storage tanks, air preheaters, superheaters, water treatment devices, valves, and more.

For specific details on the costs of our industrial steam boilers, do get in touch. Our professional technicians are ready to guide you in choosing the right-fired steam boiler for your business needs.

SZL35-1.25-T wood biomass fired steam boiler project

What Is Wood-Fired Steam Generator Installation?

We have a team of engineers available 24 hours daily to carry out boiler installation for your business.

From design, support, and transportation to your site, installation, and maintenance, we will be of help.

We’ll fabricate and install the full industrial wood-fired boiler at your site, ensuring safety measures are in place. Our boilers are highly efficient, safe, and suitable to produce high-pressure hot water that ranges from 3,450 – 60,000 lbs/hr.

Our boilers can be delivered in one piece, thanks to our modular and accessible transportation system. We are reliable, trustworthy, and deliver promptly. Give us a try today.

Boiler Installation

What Type Of Auxiliaries Do Our Wood Fired Boilers Have?

Our boilers come with essential auxiliaries, including forced draft fan, induced draft fan, dust collector, energy saver, electric control cabinet, water pump, valves, instruments, smoke duct takeover, and more. we work with the initial diagram created and in accordance with the contract provisions.

We also offer two copies of technical documents, random drawings, energy conservation review reports (copy), and energy efficiency tests.

industiral boiler working

What Type Of Wood-Fired Boiler Service Do We Offer?

We offer comprehensive industrial wood fired steam boiler services. We assist in selecting the ideal boiler system, design a fitting diagram, create, install, and provide ongoing maintenance.

We also sell industrial boiler parts and service them. Our team of expert trained engineers will ensure that our wood fired steam boiler works to maximum capacity. They are available 24 hours daily.

Other services provided by Yongxing include inspection, repair, supply of spare parts, and boiler training.

Environmental Benefits of Carbon-Neutral Steam Generator

Wood-fired boilers provide environmentally beneficial solutions by utilizing the power of renewable wood resources. These boilers contribute to carbon neutrality because the carbon emitted during burning is made up by the carbon absorbed during wood growth. The utilization of wood waste as fuel reduces environmental effect and provides an environmentally friendly heating option.

How Is Your Industrial Wood-Fired Boiler Insulation?

Yongxing wood fired steam generator have high-performance insulation. They operate at very high temperatures and are perfect for large companies.

For high-temperature insulation industrial wood boilers, choose from our listed wood-fired steam boilers in this article.

industrial boiler insulation

Can You Make Industrial Wood Fired Package Boilers?

Yes, we can.

Our reliable wood-fired industrial boilers can be customized to meet your specific project needs with various options. Our designs are of high quality, highly efficient sustainable wood steam solutions” .

People choose our industrial boilers for their 50% lower operating costs compared to oil and gas-fired boilers. With high efficiency, these wood chip steam boilers offer low-emission clean wood technology, ensuring safety and quality without compromising thermal efficiency

Package wood fired boiler
Industrial small wood fired steam boilers


So, are you interested in buying a wood fired steam generator for your organization? Yongxing Boiler group should be your first point of call. With over 40 years of experience, Yongxing specializes in designing and installing a variety of high-quality, durable, and highly efficient industrial boilers – an excellent investment for your business growth

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