Wood Fired Steam Generator for Industrial Applications

In this modern age, scientists are exploring possible energy sources. The goal is to find a sustainable source that doesn’t harm the environment. While many modern solutions, like electricity, have proven helpful, the traditional methods are also quite effective. For example, burning wood to produce heat is an excellent eco-friendly way to generate steam. So, boilers using wood as their fuel are called wood-fired steam generators.

Wood Fired Steam Generator for Industrial Applications

But the question remains: are these wood fired steam boilers any useful? Let’s find out all the answers regarding wood boilers in this guide.

What Is A Wood-Fired Steam Generator?

Small Wood Fired Steam Generator

Wood-fired steam generator is a system that converts boiling water into steam. Generally, it is used for industrial applications ranging from small to large-scale projects and productions.

A steam generator consists of a combustion chamber. That is where the fuel burns; in this case, wood burns. Therefore, this is a wood pellet steam boiler. However, this system can also work on natural gas, petroleum fuel, coal, or biomass.

You will need wood planks or pellets to fire this steam generator. Typically, the generator has a movable grate that allows you to feed wood easily. However, the construction can vary depending on the boiler’s size and brand.

Is Wood Fired Steam Generator Suitable for Industrial Applications?

Yes, wood-fired steam generators are suitable for industrial applications. They come in different sizes. The small wood-fired steam boiler is considered the standard for industrial and commercial usage. However, many industries operate on a large scale. Hence, they will need a more powerful steam generator.

Furthermore, these systems are not limited to producing steam. They can also produce hot water, depending on their capabilities. So, what is a steam generator used for? Here are some common industrial applications of this system:

  • Sterilization
  • Distillation
  • Disinfection
  • Production

Modern industrial wood boilers offer better capabilities. They are not limited to a single energy source. Instead, these generators can run on multiple fuel types. For instance, an advanced wood fired boiler may also work with biomass or coal.

Another thing is that modern industrial systems can also work with wood chips. They are equipped with better technologies, like a radiator. These advancements can directly impact a system’s overall efficiency.

vertical boiler wood chips boiler

Components of Fired Steam Generator

A wood fired steam generator is useful for industrial applications, primarily because of its construction. Here are its main components and their working:

  • Furnace

A furnace is present in almost every industrial generator responsible for combustion. A wood fired boiler’s furnace has a storage unit for wood. The furnace conducts the primary process: burning the wood and producing steam.

  • Pellet Boiler Storage Tank

The storage tank is where the product resides for future use. After the chamber releases the product, this component stores steam or hot water in a wood-fired steam generator. That is why this generator is a cost-effective option. It can streamline industrial operations and save money by saving reserves for the future.

  • Cyclone Dust Collector

When there’s wood, there’s dust. Considering that aspect, this boiler has an automatic dust collector. Generally, it has a dust bag to collect all the debris and unwanted particles. So you can keep the operation area clear. Also, it helps prevent dust allergies and other health problems.

  • Flue Gas Extractor

A flue gas exists in all boilers, which is a by-product of the process. According to the conservation of mass, no mass can be created or destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another. In this case, burning the wood does not mean destroying the mass. Instead, it converts into ashes and vapors, also called flue gases.

They are emitted using different channels, like pipes or tubes. Generally, they are located near the furnace. This way, the gasses don’t have to travel far from their production area. The flue gas extractor in a wood fired boiler transports the flue gasses from the system. It requires setting a maximum temperature, maintaining furnaces and their operations.

  • Forced Draft Fan

Another important component is the forced draft fan in keeping the environment clean. It creates a mechanical air pressure that is much-needed when dealing with wood pellets or chips. Manufacturing and many other industrial processes consider this component an integral one!

  • Water Treatment

One of the primary reasons for the woodchip boiler’s durability is its supportive components. A good example would be water treatment. It removes potentially harmful substances from the processes that can otherwise damage the boiler. These substances can lead to corrosion or foaming, reducing the generator’s lifespan and affecting wood steam boiler efficiency.

  • Chimney

The chimney is essential to any boiler, regardless of its energy source. It releases the toxic gasses exhausted from the boiler’s operations. The wood fired steam generator also has a chimney attached to its furnace. It handles the ventilation, keeping the work environment healthy.

  • Grate Reducer

Grate reducers are relatively newer components in a boiler. Their fundamental purpose is to assist with burning fuel. In this case, this component helps the furnace to burn wood by passing the required air for the process. 

  • Ash Conveyor

Ash is another consideration when working with wood or coal. It can be physically harmful to the workers. That is why this steam boiler has an ash conveyor. This component transfers the ash produced during the generator’s operations to another unit. Generally, these boilers use a tube to move ash from one part to another.

  • Automated Control System

A modern wood fired steam generator requires minimal human interference. All you need is to set the basic requirements for the processes. Then, the wood fired hot water boiler works with ACS (automated control system). It calculates and takes minimal input and offers optimal output. Also, it ensures that all the components work collaboratively and smoothly. As a result, the system handles tasks more efficiently, requiring fewer human resources.

  • Additional Components

Also known as auxiliaries, these essential components are responsible for efficient processing. Auxiliaries may include dust collectors and self-cleaners to keep the generator organized and ready for more usage.

Additionally, you have an FD Fan or ID Fan to collect and throw air toward the generator. Valves can help you adjust the heating levels according to your requirements. Lastly, slag removers, boiler economizers, and many other tools can keep the processes intact while maximizing efficiency. All of these should come as auxiliaries with your wood boiler system.


Benefits of Wood Fired Steam Generator

Here are some benefits of wood pellet steam generator that make them worth buying for your industrial needs:

1. Energy Efficiency

Wood fired boilers are known for their high energy efficiency. They can be over 80% efficient if provided with the right conditions. The same can be said for this wood fired steam generator. It is an efficient generator as it saves output in its storage tank. Its efficiency is on par with the thermal and other steam generators.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

A large system requires a fortune for its maintenance. However, the wood fired generator doesn’t require frequent care. That’s because these systems come with self-cleaning and dust-removing components.

Inspecting your system every 2 months is highly recommended. This way, you can catch a problem before it even occurs. Consider cleaning or replacing faulty components if required.

4. Durable & Reliable

This steam generator utilizes renewable wood as its primary energy source. Also, it doesn’t produce environmentally-hazardous byproducts.

The wood-powered steam boiler is one of the most durable systems. That’s because it uses advanced technologies and protective measures for its components. As a result, it lasts longer than most other generators.

5. Cost-Effective Energy Source

Remember that wood is a cheaper energy source than most other options. One of the most popular fuels is gas. But even that is comparatively more expensive than wood. Another factor is that it doesn’t require additional utilities like other generators and boilers. That is why wood fired steam generator prices are considered more affordable than others.

What is the Wood Steam Generator Price?

For a professional wood fired steam boiler supplier, here are a few things to consider before buying a wood fired steam boiler:

1. Size

The size of a wood fired steam generator can directly impact its installation. A smaller system will be easier to set up. Alternatively, a larger generator may require more hands, increasing the installation costs.

Also, the size can impact other aspects of your industrial applications. For instance, a small wood fired boiler can only produce up to 3,450 lbs of hot water per hour. But that can vary with a large system, which is capable of up to 60,000 lbs per hour.

If your industrial applications are large-scale, consider buying a more capable system. Otherwise, your operations might encounter delays, resulting in inefficiencies and extra expenses.

2. Auxiliaries and Spare Parts

Buying a wood fired steam generator from a reputable manufacturer is highly recommended. They can offer an extensive warranty with spare parts and essential auxiliaries. Consider these components necessary, as they can affect the generator’s operations.

The generator’s processes will be slower and less efficient if you have minimal or low-quality auxiliaries. Additionally, you will need to provide more maintenance, resulting in more costs. Thus, find an all-in-one manufacturer, like Yongxing Boiler Group.

3. Energy Efficiency

A wood fired steam generator can offer high efficiency. This system provides up to 86% efficiency under the right conditions. However, this rate can vary depending on the energy consumption, generator design, auxiliaries, and many other factors.

The safest bet is choosing a generator with all the right ingredients for higher efficiency. That includes energy consumption, a compatible design, output capability, and high-quality auxiliaries for additional support.

4. Installation & Maintenance

Installing a wood fired boiler is no easy task. And it can be exponentially more challenging if the system is extensive. On the bright side, this generator is compatible with an off-grid setup. That’s because it doesn’t require utilities like other boilers or generators.

However, choosing a company that offers installation is highly recommended. Otherwise, you will need to get a third-party installer, leading to a more pricey package. One thing worth mentioning is that we provide free installation as an after-sales service.

Another thing to expect from wood fired steam generator manufacturers is maintenance. If they can not, they should at least offer guidance. Hence, consider choosing a company with excellent customer support to solve your maintenance and repair issues immediately.

5. Safety Features

Consider choosing a wood fired boiler that is safer to use. The key is to look for a shielded or coated system. Typically, you will find many options with a protection film. They are excellent as they can prevent any harm to the operator.

But safety may also include some other elements. For instance, the valve should work effectively and error-free. So, the user can quickly adjust the heating levels of the generator without any safety concerns.

DZL/DZH coal wood fired steam boiler geneartor


The first step towards buying a suitable wood fired steam generator is understanding your industrial requirements. You must know the scale of operations and their needs. Only then, can you pick an option that fulfills your industrial needs. Another thing to consider is your budget. You will find many systems that fit your constrained budget. Consider choosing the one with optimal specifications!

As for choosing a reliable manufacturer, you don’t have to look further than Yongxing Boiler Group. We have the best wood steam generators that work more efficiently and are available in various sizes. Plus, we can offer maintenance and essential spare parts at lower-than-market rates by cutting off intermediary service providers.

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