YGL Vertical Coal Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler

YGL vertical type coal biomass fired thermal oil boiler adopts a three-pass coil design, sufficient heating surface, sufficient fuel combustion, high combustion efficiency, high thermal efficiency, good heat transfer performance, and good stability. It is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient, safe, and ideal heating equipment, so it is widely used.

  • Capacity: 120KW-1000KW
  • Fuel: Straw, distiller’s grains, bagasse, other direct-burning fuel coal, biomass mixed fuel
  • Application: Chemical, textile, food, wood processing, rubber, and other industries

YGL coal biomass thermal boiler uses biomass particles as fuel, heat transfer oil as medium, and uses a circulating oil pump to force the heat transfer oil to circulate in the liquid phase.Yongxing Thermal Oil Boiler Reliable Quality

The heat energy is transferred to the heating equipment and then returned to the heating furnace for reheating. The material boiler is ideal heating equipment.

In terms of design, the YGL thermal oil boiler adopts a three-pass coil design with sufficient heating surface and sufficient expansion to absorb, realizing low-pressure and high-temperature heating.
It can also add energy-saving devices to make the boiler more energy-efficient, and can serve all walks of life more efficiently and energy-saving.

Yongxing’s YGL type biomass heat-conducting oil furnace has low-pressure and high-temperature working characteristics, and better, the heating temperature can reach 340℃ in the liquid phase.

Therefore, it can be used in various production situations where uniform heating is required and direct flame heating is not allowed, and the heating temperature is 150-380°C.

Yongxing YGL thermal oil boiler’s biggest features are that it has the advantages of high heat utilization rate, good heat transfer performance, safe and reliable operation, complete protection function, convenient operation, and maintenance, etc. It has the unparalleled superiority of other equipment.

Our thermal oil boiler is not only widely used in various industries, but also sold to more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

YGL Vertical Coal Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler
YGL Vertical Coal Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler

1. Thermal Oil Boiler
2. Chimney
3. Oil-gas separator
4. Oil recycle pump
5. Oil tank
6. Oil filling pump
7. High-level expansion tank

Thermal oil Boiler Advantages

1. Using biomass pellets as fuel, turning waste into treasure, saving energy, and reducing emissions, meets current development needs.

2. Our vertical YGL thermal oil boiler adopts closed loop heating, which is open to the atmosphere, extending the service life of your boiler.

3. In the combustion chamber, the fuel burns adiabatically, which makes it easier to ignite and burn more fully, which improves thermal efficiency.

4. During the operation of the boiler, it only bears the pump pressure and runs without pressure, making your boiler operation very safe.

5. The heat-conducting oil furnace supplies heat in a liquid form, without heat loss due to condensation, and the heating system has high thermal efficiency.

6. Close-packed coils are arranged on the top of the boiler to avoid the phenomenon of furnace top burning.

7. The boiler is easy to adjust, the heating is even, and it can meet the precise process temperature.

8. In order to cope with the volume change caused by the temperature rise and fall of the working medium, we have added compensation technical measures in the system.

9. When installing, just close the upper body and the lower combustion chamber, which is very simple and convenient and shortens the installation period.

10. The heating surface is composed of closely-packed circular tubes inside and outside, which reduces the heat load on the surface of the tubes and makes the heat transfer oil safer.

Model Rated power Rated pressure Rated work pressure Rated design efficiency Recycle oil volume Heating area Design Fuel Furnace inner recycle oil Max transfer weight Max transfer size
(1x104kcal/h) Mpa (℃) % m3/h m2 m3 kg mm
YGL-120T 10  












12.5 7.3  



Coal, Biomass

0.06 3000 840×1608
YGL-240T 20 20 16.3 0.19 3300 1250×2080
YGL-350T 30 30 22.4 0.26 3600 1350×2050
YGL-500T 40 40 30.8 0.37 4000 1450×2300
YGL-700T 60 60 44 0.5 4500 1750×2680
YGL-1000T 80 80 63.2 0.7 5100 1750×2990
YGL-1200T 100 100 71 0.8 5400 2250×3030
YGL-1400T 120 140 87.6 1.05 6000 2250×3140

YGL Vertical Thermal Oil Boiler For Different Industry

Yongxing Thermal Oil Boiler in the food factory is mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, curing, cooking and other processes.
You could uses the YGL Vertical Thermal Oil Boiler to heat the petroleum and increase its fluidity.
In the chemical industry, fermentative tank, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier need to be equipped with steam boiler.

Customer Cases

Shangcai County Hongji Bean Products Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the processing and sales of soybean flour. The factory inspected several boiler plants and found that Yongxing Boiler is a trustworthy enterprise, so it purchased a YGL-500T vertical biomass thermal oil boiler. The rated thermal power of this type of thermal oil furnace is 400,000 kcal, and the thermal efficiency is 83%, which can easily meet the needs of soybean flour production. In addition, it uses biomass pellets as fuel to turn waste into treasure, which greatly reduces the investment in enterprise operating costs.

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