YY(Q)W Oil Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

YY(Q)W fuel gas thermal oil boiler is a new type of heating equipment. It uses oil or gas as fuel and heat conduction oil as the conduction medium. The circulating oil pump is used to force the heat conduction oil to circulate in the liquid phase to deliver heat.  After using the heating device, it returns to the heating furnace to reheat, and it has low temperature and high pressure working characteristics.
Our thermal oil boiler can also output two or more heat conduction oils at different temperatures at the same time according to customer requirements. Therefore, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, plastics, food, and other industries, and has been unanimously trusted by customers And recognized.
  • Capacity: 240KW-7000KW
  • Fuel: Natural gas, city gas, light oil, heavy oil, methane gas.
  • Application: Textile, food, rubber, chemical, pharmaceutical, enterprises, government offices, hotels, schools, and other industries.
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YY(Q)W horizontal fuel/gas thermal oil boiler is a new type of heating equipment. It uses fuel and gas as heat sources and heat transfer oil as the carrier to force the heat carrier to pass through the circulating oil pump.

The heat carrier is forced to circulate in the liquid phase, and the heat is transferred to the heating equipment and then returned to the heating furnace to reheat.

The heating surface has a compact structure. The heating surface is composed of inner, middle, and outer (or inner and outer) close-packed circular coils.

The inner coil is a radiant heating surface, and the outer surface of the middle and outer coils and the inner coil constitute convective heating surface.

YY(Q)W horizontal fuel/gas heat transfer oil furnace (organic heating medium furnace) burns and emits heat in the combustion chamber composed of the inner coil.

After the radiant heating surface absorbs most of the heat, the high-temperature flue gas enters convection The heating surface conducts heat exchange. After exiting the boiler, the air required for boiler combustion is heated in the air preheater, and then the flue gas is sent to the chimney through the dust collector by the induced draft fan to be discharged into the atmosphere.

YY(Q)W horizontal fuel/gas heat conduction oil furnace is mainly used in: chemical light industry, petrochemical industry, oil decomposition, plastic rubber, leather industry, textile printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, coating paint, wood processing, building materials, cement Processing, carbon industry, road transportation, asphalt heating, pharmaceutical industry, atomic energy industry, metal processing, food industry, feed processing and other industries.

YY(Q)W Oil Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler1. Thermal oil boiler
2. Low condenser
3. Chimney
4. Recycle oil pump
5. Oil tank
6. Oil filling pump
7. High level expansion tank
8. Oil-gas seperature
9. Boiler burner

Thermal Oil Boiler advantages

(1) The heat conduction oil furnace has high temperature and low pressure; accurate temperature control and high thermal energy utilization;

(2) The heating surface adopts close-packed circular coils, and the heating surface is arranged adequately to reduce the heat load on the surface of the tube and make the use of heat transfer oil safer;

(3) The diameter and length of the radiant coil are fully adapted to the flame of the matching burner to ensure reliable operation and adequate cooling of the coil;

(4) The boiler has a compact structure, which greatly saves the area of the boiler room;

(5) Air preheater is installed at the tail of large boiler to improve boiler efficiency;

(6) On the basis of rigorous calculations, the convective heating surface adopts a higher and reasonable flue gas flow rate to ensure the full heat exchange of the furnace body and the higher thermal efficiency of the boiler system;

(7) The heating can be as high as 300℃ and the working pressure is below 1MPa, which is safe and reliable.

YYQW Oil Gas Thermal Oil Heater

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YY(Q)W Thermal Oil Boiler For Different Industry

Yongxing steam boiler in the food factory is mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, curing, cooking and other processes.
You could uses the wood chips biomass steam boiler to heat the petroleum and increase its fluidity.
In the chemical industry, fermentative tank, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier need to be equipped with steam boiler.

Customer Cases

Shanxi Jinyang carbon Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of various carbon materials joint-stock enterprises.
Among the bidding enterprises, Yongxing boiler, with its strong strength and excellent quality, has provided the company with 1 SET of YY (Q) W-1400-Y (Q) oil-fired and gas-fired heat-conducting oil furnace.
Our boiler is characterized by low pressure and high temperature, convenient adjustment, high thermal efficiency, simple operation, perfect control system, safe and reliable operation, etc., which can easily meet the needs of carbon material production.

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